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Our shipping department liaises with import/export personnel, licensed customs brokers and compliance officers, including CITES, ATA Carnet, OFAC and other agencies involved in the successful transport of fine art and objects across international borders. The company’s international network of  agents and art transporters in thirty-five countries are always on call to ensure the safe, timely and efficient movement of your works of art.

We offer worldwide sea container and air transport services, coordinating strategic services at the point of origin and destination. lOCKSON  also provides full import documentation and customs clearance services for incoming/outgoing U.S.A. shipments and advice on duties/taxes and other relevant legislation.

Due to our close worldwide partnerships, we can arrange for door-to-door deliveries via truck to main destinations in Europe, including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva and Milan. Availability of a warehouse in London, bonded by UK Customs (HMRC), allows for the temporary import of works of art. This enables clients to arrange importation into a UK bonded warehouse without immediate payment of UK value added tax.

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